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Quick Labs provides patients the option of having phlebotomy services performed in the comfort of their own homes. Our professional and highly trained staff perform blood draw with a quick, easy, and painless technique. We are committed to ensuring that our patients have the best experiences. By utilizing Quick labs, phlebotomy services patients no longer have to wait in long lines as we take care of ensuring that your blood work is dropped off at the designated lab site. We currently service the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware areas.
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Advanced medical technologies
We use a reliable and highly functional equipment to produce quality results.
Qualified and attentive staff
Our specialists have the best education, experience and individual approach for each patient.
Human and compasionate care
We care for our patients every step of the way, understanding their needs.
Flexible payment options
We offer convenient options for patients who wish to pay in due course. Also, we offer discounts for certain groups of citizens.
Our Services
"Waste no time by standing in line" Quick labs Perform a variety of routine blood drawn procedures to include venipuncture
In home/office blood draws
Dot Drug Screening
Routine blood work with requisition from doctor
Specialty testing
We prepare, process and store patient specimens according to the CLSI
Rapid transportation of specimens to laboratory for analysis
Phlebotomy Training Programs
Mary Berry - Phlebotomist
Needlestick-Wary Patients Ask for Her by Name
"A lot of people are afraid of needles," Berry said. "I try to make them comfortable."

Berry works in the Department of Digestive Disease and Transplantation and draws blood from more than 30 people a day. They are there because they need an organ transplant, because they've had one, or because they've volunteered to donate an organ.

Many of them tell Berry that they're "a hard stick" – meaning it's difficult to find a vein to puncture for a blood draw. They're apprehensive about Berry's ability to draw blood without inflicting pain by jabbing them again and again. "They say, 'Are you sure you can do this? You look very young.'"

"I tell them that I won't hurt them. If I can't find the vein, I'll get someone else who can," she said. But, young or not, Berry has found a way to do her job so well that some patients ask for her by name when they come to the department.

"I always asked for Mary," said Wendy Shaylor, a retired prison administrator who donated a kidney to a stranger earlier this year. Shaylor was a "hard stick" – and was afraid of needles, too.

Berry changed all that. "She always managed to get my blood," Shaylor said. "I told her she was the kindest, sweetest person and she always managed to get it done."

Shaylor was one of the patients who held her breath at first, Berry recalls with a laugh. "I had to tell her to breathe. When I stuck her, she turned around and said, 'That's it?' Oh, my God. I didn't even feel it.'"

Berry attributed her skill to the training she received at Einstein and the compassion she has for the people who come to the lab. Sometimes she'll reveal to them that she's endured her own medical crisis, so she can relate to their worries.

"Sometimes I think patients feel that nobody understands what they're going through," she said. "I understand how it is, being in the hospital myself. And I'm a hard stick; I'm scared of needles myself."

So how did a person who's afraid of needles become a phlebotomist? Berry said she started playing nurse with her siblings when she was a little girl. "Ever since I was younger, I always pretended I worked in a hospital. I'd play with my sisters and say, 'You be the patient and I'll be the nurse.'"

"It's something I've always loved," she said.

And nothing can change that – not even frightened or hostile patients who hold their breath or weep. "
We're here for you when you need us most.
Why our clients love us
I've always been very nervous and expecting the worse from visiting the doctor and getting my blood drawn, but my appointment with Quick Labs went smoothly and was stress-free.
Farrel Gulierm
Best phlebotomy service in the State! I am usually anxious at my appointments, but everything was explained as we went along and my anxiety was addressed in a considerate manner.
Samuel Willson
I called Quick Labs because I was so scared of going out and getting my blood drawn. QuickLab was amazing, specially Mary she made it all painless.
Sarah Lewin
I've always been very nervous and expecting the worse from visiting doctors and seeing needles, but my appointment in Quick Labs went smoothly and was stress-free.
Alex Larkins
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